Mastery Modules

Mastery modules are self-paced tutorials on key topics essential for every faculty member.* In addition to the mastery modules below, there are some short tutorials for coping with online teaching challenges related to COVID 19.

* Some of the modules contain information specific to D2L or Washburn University.

Understanding the Context

Making Materials Accessible for all Students
Student-Centered Design

Planning the Content

Planning the Content

Preparing the Presentation

Class Management Techniques
Multimedia Bootcamp

Facilitating the Interaction

Class Management Techniques
Connect with Videoconferencing
A New Look at Managing Discussions
Social Media - So What?
Using Phones for Interaction
Gamification Techniques for Higher Education

Reflecting on the Results

Using Rubrics for Student Assessment
Using Resondus with an LMS

Empowering through Technology Integration

D2L Bootcamp
D2L Advanced Topics
Office 365
Office 365

Quick Tips